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18th Jan 2022

Love Island’s Faye reveals thieves broke into Teddy’s car and stole belongings

“There are worse things going on in the world. But it’s an invasion, isn’t it?”

Love Island’s Faye Winter has spoken out about thieves who “slyly” broke into her boyfriend Teddy Soares’ car over the weekend.

Taking to Instagram, the 26-year-old told fans what had happened and how the pair hadn’t even noticed the break-in at first as there was no damage to the car.

“Today has not been the greatest of days. Teddy has been saying something’s been off for like two days and turns out somebody’s broken into his car and taken my camera and my shoes,” she said.

“Great, the camera that I bought last week. I have no words, there are some absolute scumheads out there.”

She then added: “Enjoy my camera, hun. Shame there’s not a sex tape on it!”

Faye said the two had no idea how the car had been broken into and didn’t realise until they noticed some missing items.

“And do you know what the worst thing about this is? They’ve done it really slyly and got into the car somehow. Yesterday Teddy got into the car and was like, ‘my seat’s really far forward’ – and it’s never like that.

“We were like, ‘Wow, these thieves are sly thieves’. They’re not even brutally honest, upfront and honest thieves. If there’s even such a thing.

“There are worse things going on in the world, I know. But it’s an invasion, isn’t it? It’s just not nice. ”

The reality stars met on Love Island last year, coming in third place on the ITV dating show after Liam Reardon and Millie Court were crowned the winners. The pair have been loved up since.

“I’m just obsessed with him. He can’t do anything wrong,” she previously told OK! magazine.

The couple recently revealed that they had moved into their new “dream home” together. Faye, who was a Lettings Manager before appearing on Love Island launched a new business venture called Faye Home and  hopes to channel her passion about property into the project.