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14th Jun 2022

Love Island star Yewande Biala opens up about mental health on the show in new book

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She’s really leaving nothing out.

Former Love Island star Yewande Biala is opening up about her mental health for the first time publically in her tell all new book Reclaiming.

The Enfield native made her name known during the 2019 series of the ITV show and is set to release her book on July 14.

Th26 year old is set to speak candidly about her mental health issues for the first time, explaining how they began as a teenager and set to be a surprise for readers.

Speaking to The Star, Yewande said: “I think the biggest shock in the book will have to be my mental health chapter. The way I’ve written that is kind of different to all the other essays.

“This one is more written as a dear diary kind of style with dates in it from the very first time I noticed that I had mental health issues to where I am now.

“The way it is written is also it is conversations with my therapist which obviously no one would normally have access to. That has all gone in my book.

Leaving nothing out, Yewande was nervous to hand this chapter in for review as it would mean that at some point the world would see it, and her inner thoughts would be out there for good.

Going through her life before, during and after Love Island, Yewande describes her book as one that “forces you to hold a mirror not only to yourself and towards society and reclaim all the identities that you lost along the way”.

As a self-help book, she wanted the mental health aspect to be honest and something real, so by using transcripts from her therapist, she feels it is the most authentic way.

Claiming her life is “not that interesting”, Yewande didn’t want a memoir style book as she is too young, so has taken an entirely different route.

Giving a glimpse into her dating life, she revealed there will be aspects about Love Island as that was a huge experience, but is also set to talk about societal issues around dating.

Reclaiming will be available in bookstores from July 14.