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17th Feb 2023

Love Island star jailed in Dubai on suspicion of drug offences

Steve Hopkins

A video has emerged of Crossley allegedly involved in drugs.

Love Island finalist Kaz Crossley has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates on suspicion of drug offences, according to reports.

The 27-year-old fashion and beauty influencer was detained at Abu Dhabi airport while transferring to a flight to Thailand where she was headed to do voluntary work, The Sun reported.

MailOnline suggested on Friday that Crossley is likely to spend a minimum of three months in prison.

In 2020, she was filmed appearing to snort lines of white powder in Dubai where influencers flocked during the covid lockdown. The Sun on Sunday revealed the footage.

Crossley was reportedly arrested on Monday when her named raised a red flag during a passport check and has since been moved to a Dubai prison.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are in contact with the local authorities following the arrest of a British national in the United Arab Emirates.”

Dubai recently softened its stance on drugs, giving first-time offenders a minimum of three months in prison and a fine between £4,559 and £22,799. A minimum of four years in prison for any drug use was previously the norm.

Authorities in Dubai have not confirmed why Crossley was arrested.

Her agent told The Sun on Thursday that Crossley is cooperating with police and is expected to be released today.

A source told The Sun: “She was looking forward to getting back to Thailand where she has been doing voluntary work and all of a sudden she is languishing in a Dubai jail.

“Everyone knows how strict they are about drugs over there. She must be terrified. She had only stopped off in Abu Dhabi to catch a connecting flight but her name has obviously raised a red flag.

“She was allowed to send just one email and wasn’t even allowed to make a phone call.”

Crossley, who came third on Love Island in 2018 and is set to feature on Channel 5’s upcoming show The Challenge, spent much of last year in Thailand doing voluntary work. Her last Instagram post was on Sunday in Dublin.

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