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12th Jul 2023

Love Island fans claim last night’s recoupling was the “worst ever”



Did anyone else have a quick nap during last night’s recoupling? Yeah. Us too.

Fans are calling what’s supposed to be one of the juiciest episodes of the season “the most boring of all time”, and saying that producers missed a trick by not having Scott get his chance to pick ahead of Mitch.

In the first recoupling since Casa and Movie Night, there’s usually more going on, but many of the reinstated couples, and even the new flames, were predictable.

Scott confessed to Mitch that he wanted to see if there was a connection with Abi, and pulled her away for a chat.

Before he could get into it properly with her, they were interrupted by the dreaded (if not entirely expected) text message: “Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately?”

We were given a drip feed of juice, when Scott said he’d been seen as a “game player”, and without missing a beat, Whitney jumped on his comment, saying “maybe there’s some truth to it”.

However, there wasn’t the same level of drama as usual, with some viewers even describing the episode as “wholesome”.

During the speeches, Lochan said of Whitney that he “genuinely feels like there is a future with this girl.”

Ty chose to couple up with Ella, Sammy chose to recouple with Jess, predictably Zach chose to stay coupled up with Molly, Montel chose Leah following his terrace declaration of like, Elom went for Catherine, Ouzy and Kady coupled up, Mitch chose Abi and Scott chose Amber.