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22nd Dec 2022

Louise Thompson opens up on battle with PTSD

“I’ve been having a few really intense like PTSD episodes over the last three days.”

Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has spoken about the impact of her PTSD following the traumatic birth of her son last year.

Since then, Louise has been dealing with a number of health issues, including partial deafness after being sick with a virus. Recently, she shared that she has been diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune condition.

Yesterday, she spoke about some of the PTSD symptoms she’s been experiencing, which she believes is related to her hearing issues.

“I’ve been having a few really intense like PTSD episodes over the last three days,” she said. “I think it must be connected to my ear.”

She went on: “A large part of my suffering is to do with physically not being well but also sensory stimulation or dysfunction.

“And my brain just goes into total overdrive and panic mode when something isn’t working properly. And everything in my body has basically broken down over the last year and now this is just the final straw.”

She added: “I mean I’ve not been able to taste or smell anything for ages and that sent me into a real panic.”

Earlier this month, Louise spoke about her lupus diagnosis following a recent blood test.

On her Instagram story, she said: “So to update you guys quickly, I had a call yesterday with one of the rheumatology guys and they got more of my blood test results back and the diagnosis is that I’ve got drug-induced lupus.

“It means that I’m really tired but I’ve also started to get really intolerable joint pain especially if I sit down for any amount of time if I cross my legs.”

She continued: “I was just on the bus going to one appointment this morning and when I stood up and started walking to the appointment and honestly me knees were in such agony.”

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