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26th May 2023

Pregnant Louise Cooney says she has experienced “nearly every symptom”

Kat O'Connor

Louise Cooney has been praised for being so honest about how pregnancy has changed her body.

As incredible as pregnancy is, the changes that come with it can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for first-time mums. Louise said she has experienced nearly every pregnancy symptom.

The mum-to-be said she doesn’t feel normal, but couldn’t be happier to be pregnant with her first child.

She told her followers, “My body looks normal but it doesn’t feel normal. I definitely don’t feel normal.”

“I’ve had nearly every symptom… I feel totally bloated every day, my boobs are so sore and they have been constantly for the last two weeks,” she shared.

“I’ve been very windy like burping and stuff – not smelly, there’s just air. The constant cramps are bothering me and I’m so tired every night. I’m fine usually during the day but I’m exhausted by nighttime. And I need to pee all the time.”

“Headaches, there’s this terrible cold I got, a gum infection… I felt a little bit nauseous at times but not too bad.

“I think I’ve nearly ticked every symptom off the list so far but there’s actually a lot you can blame on pregnancy”.

Louise said it’s crazy how much her life has changed since she discovered she was pregnant. She told her followers that her “brain has been taken over by it – since I found out”.

“So so helpful and reassuring”

Louise’s followers praised her for being so refreshingly honest about pregnancy.

“I’m a few weeks behind you and just wanted to say thank you so so much for making this! I’ve basically had the exact same emotional feelings and symptoms as you. I found your vlog so so helpful and reassuring,” one said.

Another added, “We have similar due dates, I’m having my second and with my first, I had such similar feelings. It’s all so new and unknown, just know it’s all part of it, and enjoy the ride as best you can.”


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