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15th Feb 2018

A lad is photoshopping muscles onto Kim Kardashian and she’s seriously jacked

kim kardashian muscles


If there’s one thing we didn’t know we needed in our lives, it was photoshopped pictures of Kim Kardashian with some serious muscles.

After all, we see enough of Kim in clothes, out of clothes, and everything in between on her Instagram – why would we ever have the desire to see her hanging around looking a bit ripped?

Because it’s gas, that’s why.

Twitter user Jay decided to give the world what they wanted this week and photoshopped some intense beef onto Kim K.

And the result was something else.


Just beautiful.

Jay didn’t stop there though… and thank god because we absolutely needed at least 45 percent more jacked Kim in our lives after witnessing this photo.

Absolute perfection.

The fun, thankfully, didn’t end there either as people took it upon themselves to turn jacked Kim into a meme.

After all, there are so many potential hilarious scenarios ripped Kim Kardashian could find herself in.

She could be hitting the gym. She could be wearing vests. She could be opening jars for people who can’t open the jars.

The list is endless.

Thanks for the memes, Jay.

Now do Kylie next.