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21st Dec 2018

Joe Swash mispronounced Prince Charles’ name on live TV today and it’s absolutely hilarious


Saying it wrong once is funny but TWICE is just gas.

While on Good Morning Britain today, December 21, Joe Swash made quite the blunder when speaking about HRH, Prince Charles.

While interdoucing the 1 Million Minutes campaign, Joe decided to give viewers a little background on the history of Dumfries House in Ayrshire. Firstly, Joe accidentaly tells viewers that the house is now owned by Prince William but, quickly correcting himself he notes it’s actually Prince Charles.

However, the way Joe Swash pronounces Prince Charles “Prince Chiles” is absolutely comical and he doesn’t just do it once, but twice.

You can catch the clip here.

Poor Joe, it has been a long week for all of us in the lead up to Christmas.

And speaking of the royals, the royal family will be spending this Christmas in Sandringham – you can read all about that here.