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06th May 2022

Jason Oppenheim in tears over Chrishell split on Selling Sunset reunion

Sarah McKenna Barry

“There’s a lot of sadness and loss.”

The Selling Sunset reunion dropped on Netflix this morning and saw the entire cast – minus Christine and Amanza – discuss the explosive season we just bore witness to.

While the havoc wreaked by Christine was one of the dominant talking points, we also saw Jason and Chrishell discuss their relationship in very candid terms.

When asked by host Tan France whether his relationship with Chrishell was a showmance, Jason became quite upset.

He first called the question a stupid one, and then became noticeably choked up. He asked for a minute to compose himself, and with support from his twin brother Brett and the rest of the cast, he commented on what their relationship meant.

As he gathered himself, his cast mates were also moved by his emotion, and Tan noted how he never comes across this way on the show.

Jason eventually said: “There’s a lot of sadness and loss. I think watching the show made it more difficult. It brought it all back up.

“It’s been a few months, but I’m still going through stuff. There was a lot of love between us and there still is. I still care about her very much. This has been a very difficult break-up.”

Jason and Chrishell announced that they were dating last summer, but they broke up before Christmas, citing their different desires when it comes to family.

While he did get choked up reminiscing about his relationship with Chrishell, he did show her some support when she confirmed that she is dating Australian rapper G Flip.

He told his her: “They seem like a bad ass for one and seeing the smile that’s been on your face the last couple of minutes makes me very happy.”

The broker then added that he is proud of Chrishell.