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03rd Sep 2017

‘I’ve had enough…’ Coleen Rooney takes to Twitter to make a heartfelt plea

Not everyone is happy, though.

She’s presumably had a fairly rough time of it since her husband’s arrest.

And on Sunday, Coleen Rooney took to Twitter following Wayne’s 12-hour stint in a police cell.

Her post was certainly impactful: in it the mum-of-three, who is also pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, made a plea on behalf of her family.

“Please can photographers have respect and stop following me with my three children in the car?” she wrote, adding: “It’s dangerous and I’ve had enough.”

The post has notched up 10K retweets and more than 46K likes. However, in response some observers called her out on her ‘it’s dangerous’ remark; they stated that Wayne, who was reportedly three time over the limit when stopped by police, could have killed people on the road.

Coleen, 31, arrived back in England over the weekend – cutting short her holiday to Majorca in order to speak to her husband of nine years.

Since touching down she has been spending time with her parents, with whom she is particularly close.

Earlier, it was reported in the Sun On Sunday that Coleen called and spoken to Laura Simpson, the 29-year-old Wayne was partying with on Thursday and who was in the vehicle with him when he was stopped by police.

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Laura says the conversation lasted around five minutes and that Coleen was “polite” throughout.

“She asked me to tell her what happened,” the publication quotes Laura as stating, adding: “She did say both of us were at fault”.

However, Ms Simpson, who was first contacted by Mrs Rooney via Instagram, went on to say that when she offered her an apology, Coleen responded with: “You have nothing to say sorry for.”

Last month, 31-year-old Wayne announced his retirement from international football recently after a record 53 goals and 119 appearances for England.