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20th Aug 2015

It Looks Like Two Game of Thrones Stars Are Hooking Up in Real Life

This is a bit weird...

Rebecca McKnight

WARNING: This  post contains very mild spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the early seasons of Game of Thrones


This could be quite the case of life imitating art. 

On the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, Dean-Charles Chapman and Nell Tiger Free play Tommen Baratheon and Myrcella Baratheon respectively, brother and sister and part of the Lannister dynasty.

Ostensibly the children of Robert Baratheon, fans of George R. R. Martin’s novels know that the two are really born of incest, fathered by their mother Cersi’s brother Jamie Lannister.

Of course that’s all in the fictional land of Westeros, but it does add a certain irony to rumours that the two may be more than just cast mates.

Buzzfeed points to a number of cute and cosy tweets and Instagram’s of the pair, including one snap where Nell refers to Dean-Charles as “my boy”.

If romance is indeed blooming, let’s just hope they get a happier ending than most of the characters on GOT.