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25th Oct 2017

Here’s why Kit Harington probably won’t take a selfie with you

It's not his thing.

Jade Hayden

kit harington

Kit Harington doesn’t like taking selfies.

And he especially doesn’t like taking selfies with you.

Or anyone, really. Except maybe his fiancée and his mates while in the comfort of his own home.

Although the odd selfie or 87 is almost expected of celebrities these days, the Game of Thrones star has said that he just doesn’t like taking them and that, a lot of the time, he will refuse.

He told The Guardian that, in general, being famous makes him uncomfortable.

“It makes me snappy and it makes me uncomfortable, and I turn into a grumpy person,” he said.

Kit also referred to selfies as “the photo thing” and said that this was the main issue he found with his celeb status.

The actor explained why he often refused to take selfies with fans:

“But you just have to (refuse), otherwise you start feeling like a mannequin.

“Especially me and Rose, we never do a photo together. Because then it makes our relationship feel like… puppets (…) Like we’re a walking show.”

Kit and fellow GOT cast member Rose Leslie announced their engagement not long ago, much to the delight of the show’s fans.

So, there you go.

If you happen to spot Kit out and about don’t ask him for a picture, lest you want to make him uncomfortable.