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17th May 2014

Her Girl Crush… Eleven Reasons We Love And Adore Elizabeth Banks

We LOVE this lady...

Every week, we love to focus on one woman who really impresses us or a woman that we just love. This week, we focus on one of our favourite actresses and a personal hero of ours. Here are eleven reasons we love Elizabeth Banks.

1. Have you seen her?

Absolutely stunning.

elizabeth banks1

2. 30 Rock.

Her guest appearance as Avery on the show was simply brilliant.

3. The Hunger Games.

Effie… Effing amazing.

4. Red Carpet Style

Whatever she wears, she always looks effortlessly glamorous.

elizabeth banks2

5. That Twitter Account.

If you’re not following her, you simply must start. She is hilarious.


6. Pitch Perfect.

It is happening. She is directing Pitch Perfect 2. We can’t wait.

pitch perfect

7. Modern Family

Boy, we all want to be friends with Sal.

8. This.

All of this. She LOVES the hula hoop.

9. Actually, just her website in general.

Packed to the rafters with loads of interesting things, Banks even has a section for recipes. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

10. Her gorgeous family.

Banks has been with her husband Max since her first day in college in 1992. They have two children together, Felix and Magnus.

**EXCLUSIVE** Actress Elizabeth Banks and husband Max Handelman take little Felix for a fun filled afternoon at the park

11. The Lego Movie

Yes, she is that awesome that she was in the Lego Movie. That is all.