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27th Nov 2019

The stars of Charlie’s Angels discuss 9am shots and the movie’s most fun scene to shoot

Rory Cashin

We chatted to the trio about the new action-comedy blockbuster.



And now, again, 2019.

Charlie’s Angels is something both iconic of its time (each time), but unlike, say, Spider-Man or Batman, isn’t a property that has been remade into the ground.

It is fair to say that enough time has passed since the Cameron Diaz / Drew Barrymore / Lucy Liu take on the ass-kicking trio that the franchise can be given a dusting off and a re-do, this time with Naomi Scott (the most recent Princess Jasmine), relative newcomer Ella Balinksa, and Twilight’s own Kristen Stewart as the stars.

Rory Cashin was lucky enough to sit down with the Angels to discuss the new movie, and we left no stone unturned. Chats included getting a dance sequence just right, the comparisons to RuPaul’s Drag Race, why the franchise has such a strong LGBTQ+ following, their opinion on the Diaz/Barrymore/Liu movies, and taking mid-morning shots as a form of team-building.

Check out the interview in full right here.

He was also lucky enough to chat to the movie’s writer, director, and co-star Elizabeth Banks, who talks about the strong Jason Bourne and Mission: Impossible influence vibe that she wanted for the action scenes in her vision of the film. You can watch that interview in full right here.

Charlie’s Angels reaches Irish cinemas on Friday 29 November, and you can check out the trailer below:

Clip via Sony Pictures Ireland