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29th Sep 2022

Greg O’Shea says he regrets not staying with Amber for longer

“I should have bit my tongue a bit longer and stayed in the relationship with Amber a bit longer.”

Love Island winner Greg O’Shea has spoken about his time on the show, and shared his one major regret.

Greg entered the villa on Day 44 and then went on to win the show after coupling up with Amber Gill. The pair broke up shortly after though, and said that due to long distance and their different career goals, the relationship couldn’t work.

Now, however, Greg shared that he wishes he gave the relationship a longer shot.

Joining Doireann Garrihy on The Laughs of your Life podcast, Greg was asked about any regrets he may have from his Love Island days.

He said: “I’d love to say ‘no regrets’ but there probably is one. I should have bit my tongue a bit longer and stayed in the relationship with Amber a bit longer.

“I was just way too honest and way too focused about going to the Olympics at the time, which worked because I did go in hindsight.”

He then added: “I was just too honest too early.”

Greg went on to explain that because he was honest on a FaceTime call, a rumour started to spread that he broke up with her on a video chat. He also admitted that that was a conversation that should have happened in person.

“But stupid Greg just decided to answer honestly over FaceTime like, and that’s when the whole ‘Greg breaks up with Amber over text’ thing comes out,” he said.

He explained that he still receives hate over the breakup and that to this day, he loses “a thousand followers a day”.

The former rugby player added that he feels like there’s no one he can talk to about the experience because it was so singular.

“No one understands it,” he said.