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27th Oct 2023

Girls Aloud fans think the band may be reuniting, here’s why

Jody Coffey

Girls Aloud

Eagle-eyed fans are convinced that Girls Aloud are about to make a comeback.

Despite the members announcing it was ‘for good’ when they disbanded in 2013, fans have spotted some clues that may suggest that Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Kimberly Walsh, and Nicola Roberts might be going back on that promise.

The group sadly lost Sarah Harding, one of its core members, to breast cancer in September 2021, and in her legacy, the Girls Aloud women have come together on a number of occasions to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

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Now, some sleuthing followers are speculating that Girls Aloud are about to reunite in some way as they observantly noticed that a new company, called Let’s Go Eskimo, was recently registered on Companies House and people are convinced it is owned by the four women.

The name, fans of the band will quickly know, is a line in their hit single Love Machine, which was released back in the height of the band’s popularity and fame.

The London-based company, ‘LET’S GO ESKIMO PRODUCTIONS LLP’ has been registered as active on Companies House since September 30th, 2023, and has four unnamed registered officers, further adding to the speculation of a reunion.

Another clue that may point to a modern day Girls Aloud is that the companies in ‘Let’s Go Eskimo’ are ‘Cinderella Eye’s’ (the name of Nicola’s solo album), and CC entertainment – which fans are guessing was named when Cheryl was married to Ashley Cole.

The remaining two compares are listed as All That Jazz Entertainment Limited and Black Pen Limited. 

However, all four companies were registered years prior to ‘Let’s Go Eskimo’.

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The clue was first noticed by an X user, who wrote: “Girls Aloud are coming!! On 30 September 2023, a UK Limited Company was set up under the name Lets Go Eskimo Productions LLP. And Lets Go Eskimo Productions LLP is owned by four other companies, which were all set up on the same day.

However, the user then corrected themselves, writing: “Okay the four parent companies aren’t new, but Let’s Go Eskimo definitely is!”

I don’t think there is a millennial out there who wouldn’t be thrilled to see the band back together while keeping Sarah Harding’s legacy alive.