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31st Jan 2017

Ellen DeGeneres used Finding Dory to protest Trump’s Muslim ban

”Dory ends up at the Marine Life Institute behind a large wall…”

Ellen DeGeneres always has a perfect way of making an important point.

At the moment, many celebrities are using their voices to protest Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims.

Some are doing it by speaking out on Twitter, others are joining marches and then there’s Ellen, who uses Dory.

On her show, the host briefly explained Trump’s Muslim ban before claiming,”I don’t get political, so I’m not going to talk about the travel ban,” and continued, “I’m just gonna talk about the very non-political, family-friendly, People’s Choice Award-winning Finding Dory.”

Ellen then uses the plot of the very sweet film to simply describe why the ban is wrong.

”Dory lives in Australia,” Ellen begins.

“And these are her parent’s  and they live in America. I don’t know what religion they are, but her dad sounds a little Jewish. It doesn’t matter,” she quips.

When Dory ends up in America, ”she ends up at the Marine Life Institute behind a large wall.”

“They all have to get over the wall, and you won’t believe it, but that wall has almost no effect in keeping them out,” Ellen adds to an applauding audience.

Then comes the most important part of the Finding Dory narrative.

”Even though Dory gets into America, she ends up separated from her family. But the other animals help Dory. Animals that don’t even need her. Animals that don’t even have anything in common with her.

They help her even though they’re completely different colours, because that’s what you do when you see someone in need — you help them. That is what I hope everyone who is watching ‘Finding Dory‘ has learned.”

We’re not sure how to feel about the fact that a cartoon is more logical than the man running the United States of America.