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29th Nov 2022

“I’ve got nothing to hide”: Ekin-Su confronts Davide over afterparty video

Kat O'Connor

Ekin-Su has confronted Davide about those cheating allegations.

Earlier this year, the businessman was pictured with multiple women on a night out. Ekin-Su was working in Los Angeles when Davide was spotted leaving a club with two women in London.

In their new travel show, the actress confronts Davide about the incident.

She asked him where his phone is and admits to him that she “saw something”.

Ekin-Su said she noticed videos of the women at an afterparty on Davide’s phone.

Davide quickly defended himself and called Ekin-Su out for looking on his phone in the first place.

“First of all, you shouldn’t see my gallery without my permission,” to which Ekin-Su replied, “It was open.”

Davide continued, “I know what you saw,” before he could continue, the reality star said, “Yeah, a few girls in T-shirts at an afterparty”.

“Not for me, my friends maybe,” Davide stressed.

She admitted she still doesn’t fully trust her boyfriend.

“Obviously I don’t want this to ruin our trip but I’ve still got my eye on you and stuff like that is a red flag for me.”

“But you can have eyes on me. You know that I’ve got nothing to hide,” Davide told her.

The couple recently moved in together and are even talking about getting married.

Davide recently admitted that he thinks Ekin is wife-material but said he isn’t planning a proposal just yet because he wants the moment to come naturally.

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