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28th Aug 2018

Dani Dyer just revealed the most famous person to message her after Love Island

Rebecca O'Keeffe

dani dyer

We’d lose it!

Dani Dyer has soared to fame following her Love Island win, alongside boyfriend Jack Fincham.

The reality star made her debut as a Capital radio host yesterday, where she spoke candidly about her fame.

Despite having millions of fans globally, Dani still gets star struck.

In fact, Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things recently messaged Dani on Instagram, and there was a lot of excitement.

dani dyer

Dani was asked about the most famous person she had been talking to.

“That’s an easy answer. Millie Bobby Brown.”

“The girl actually watches Love Island, I couldn’t believe it, I was like “Oh my god, Eleven” but apparently we are going out for a bit of lunch soon, so yeah, I’m looking forward to that.”

Sorry, we are so jealous.

This all comes after Millie’s co-star, Noah Schapp, revealed her love of Love Island.

dani dyer

The young actor messaged Ellie Brown after entering the villa, commenting “I watch you with Millie.”

Sounds a little creepy when you put it like that.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing Millie and Dani Dyer become best pals.