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23rd Jan 2023

Dancing with the Stars viewers furious after judges overscore Suzanne Jackson

Kat O'Connor

Suzanne Jackson scored 15 points.

Dancing with the Stars viewers have called out the judges for overmarking Suzanne Jackson.

The influencer opened the show on Sunday evening but messed up during her routine.

Despite messing up the routine, Suzanne and professional dancer Michael Danilczuk received 15 points from the judges.

Viewers slated the judges for scoring her so highly when her routine was full of errors.

One viewer wrote, “WHY oh WHY do they never critique Suzanne properly? She’s been overmarked every week so far and when she blatantly gave up halfway through this week’s routine the judges are super nice to her.”

Another said, “I’m so cross! Arthur gave Kevin and Sue the same score. Suzanne forgot the majority of her steps.”

Feel very sorry for Suzanne, but I’m fuming for the rest of the contestants, with the score she received,” another said.

Suzanne took to Twitter after the disappointing performance.

She admitted she completely missed a beat during the routine which threw her off.

“What can I say? I missed a beat and that was it. I’m gutted with how tonight went, we put so much work into the dance, but I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words & support.”

The businesswoman stressed that she didn’t forget the routine, but simply missed a beat.

“I’m gutted, I didn’t forget the dance I missed a beat, I continued on as I could but I was so disappointed that happened.”

“Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.”

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