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01st Feb 2023

Chris Hughes reveals he has been rushed to hospital in “worst” night of his life

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Hope he feels better soon.

Love Island star Chris Hughes has opened up after he was rushed to hospital following the “worst night” of his life.

The 30 year old took to his Instagram story on Wednesday to share the news that he has been rushed to hospital after an incident over the weekend.

The reality star wrote: “So basically all my antics on Saturday have caused this.

“When I was posting about running 4k I was not truly hungover Sunday and Monday, but I was chronically dehydrated and have alcohol hepatitis (inflammation of the liver caused by alcohol consumption).

“Not cool, not cool at all.

“Essentially my liver is damaged and couldn’t consume the alcohol consumptions and the bloods have also shown that.”

He then posted a second picture, where he wrote: “Our NHS are insanely good, as we know. They have been thorough and over-the-top friendly to me which is the perfect combo.

“I haven’t managed to consume water that’s why I am on this drip, a sip of water makes me feel sick.

“I am ruined. I have learned my lesson. My issue though, quite clear.

“I went for a run on Sunday and I went to a class Monday and did a 45-minute circuit, burnt 550 calories, then went to the sauna to sweat again for 45 minutes thinking I’m getting the alcohol out but in fact I am just torturing my body.”

He then continued: “Takes me back to the day I left the [Love Island] villa as I had the same thing but from sunstroke. Last night was the worst night of my life.

“Hallucinating, sick and the back pain is the worst pain ever. Dull ache relentless.

“Been at the hospital since 5am, went to another clinic at 8:30am, to be sent straight back here to sort my pathetic life out.

“Moral is, NHS are the best and don’t go and watch Sunderland [FC] the same day as a night out. It ruins you.”

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