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04th Apr 2022

CBBC star Chelsie Whibley passes away from cystic fibrosis

Charlie Herbert

Her husband shared the news on Saturday.

CBBC star Chelsie Whibley has sadly passed away.

The actress was best known for starring in CBBC shows Dani’s House and Sadie J, and went on to star in panto alongside House of Cards actress Kate Mara.

However, her career was cut short at the age of 20 when she was diagnosed with the genetic condition cystic fibrosis.

She was rushed to Southampton General Hospital on Saturday, and passed away at around 2.45pm.

Her husband Glynn paid tribute to his wife, saying in a statement: “I’m afraid this is the hardest thing I have ever had to write.

“This morning Chelsie took a rapid turn for the worse and became unresponsive. She was rushed to Southampton General Hospital.

“It is with deepest regret that I have to inform everyone that our dearest beautiful Chelsie sadly passed away this afternoon at 2.45pm.

Chelsie and her husband Glyn (SWNS)

“It was very quick and she was not in any pain. I know you will all want to send your condolences but we ask to please limit it to comments below in this very distressing time.

“To my gorgeous inspiration wife we will love you always.”

Throughout much of the pandemic Chelsie had been ordered to quarantine indefinitely because her cystic fibrosis meant she was at a high risk of getting seriously ill if she caught Covid.

The condition causes mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system. This can cause breathing problems and increases the risk of lung infections.

Chelsie had spoken openly during the pandemic about her desire for lockdown restrictions to be lifted so she could see her family and loved ones again, telling the Sun: “It feels like even more time is being taken away from me. It’s just heartbreaking beyond words.

“I know that seeing my friends and family is too dangerous and it could be enough to tip my body over the edge.

“But on the other hand, I don’t know how much time I have and it breaks me knowing I can’t see them.”

For more information about cystic fibrosis you can visit Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.