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26th Jun 2024

Biggest nail trends you’ll see everywhere this summer, according to experts

Niamh Ryan

There’s no better feeling than getting your nails done before a holiday or concert, and summer is the perfect time to try a new style

So, if you’re looking to switch up your usual style for your next nail appointment, you’re in luck.

Experts at Liberty have found the top 10 nail trends that are bound to be in everybody’s Insta pics this summer.

Bright colours

Nothing says summer like a bright nail colour. Lime greens and vivid pinks are big this time of year, and Google Trends have reported an 85% surge in interest for bright nails. We love vibrant nails, especially for festival season, and there’s plenty of inspiration on TikTok and Instagram.

Jelly nails

While they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, jelly nails are a fun way to spice up your style. They have a “translucent, syrupy-sheer” finish that can be put on any colour of your choosing. Their popularity is definitely catching on, with 13,000 pins on Pinterest.

Glazed nails

We’ve known about glazed nails for a while now, but they’re popular for a reason! Hailey Bieber popularised them last year, but chrome is still in this summer. They have a 92% increase on Google search, and #glazed nails has millions of view on TikTok. They’re simple, cute, and truly look good on everyone.

Pastel Ombré

Perhaps the 10 year trend cycle is real, as ombré nails are making a comeback in 2024. Blending baby blues and pastel pinks looks so dreamy. Theses nails are perfect if you want a fun look but don’t want to go overboard. These nails are very much on trend, with 17,000 Pinterest saves.

Floral designs

If you love nail art, this one is perfect for you. Floral design Google searches increased 74%, and have been shared 12,000 times on Instagram. A timeless classic.

Metallic accents

Another great option for your next festival is the metallic trend. If you like making a statement and want something a bit edgier, look no further. According to experts, metallic accent nails were mentioned 10,000 times on Instagram.

Abstract art

If you want something totally unique, try some abstract nail art. They have an 80% increase in Google searches, and will definitely get you some compliments. Go for some waves to get in the summer spirit!

Minimalistic styles

Sometimes the simplest looks are best. Minimal and elegant designs are quite popular this summer, and are a great solution if yo find yourself getting sick of your nail designs or colours. Go for a simple nude with some sparkle and you’re guaranteed to love it for weeks.

Neon hues

For a much bolder statement, neon is the way to go. Bright greens and oranges will make you stand out from the crowd. This trend is definitely coming back in style, with Google Trends showing an 84% increase in searches.

French tips with a twist

You can’t get more classic than the French tip, bit this summer we’re jazzing it up a bit. People online are getting creative and playful with the design, opting for a pastel tips or double lines.

There’s so much creative inspiration out there, so take this as a sign to book your next appointment. Your nails will thank you for it!