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28th Jul 2023

Ariana Grande allegedly hung out with new boyfriend’s wife and baby before ‘romance’

Ariana Grande reportedly hung out with her new boyfriend Ethan Slater’s estranged wife Lilly Jay and their baby only months before their relationship went public.

According to The Daily Mail, the singer loved his child so much that she told her close friends that she “wanted a baby” of her own “one day”.

Earlier this week, Ethan’s wife Lilly Jay revealed that Ariana has broken her family up, telling Page Six: “[Ariana’s] the story really. Not a girl’s girl. My family is just collateral damage.

“The story is her and Dalton [Gomez].”

She went on to say that now she is focusing on raising her and Ethan’s child and being a “good mom.”

The news comes after TMZ reported that Ethan had filed for divorce from his wife, which was filed on July 26th.

Ariana is set to star as Glinda in the movie adaption of the hit Broadway musical, with Ethan playing Boq.

The couple reportedly started dating only recently during production of the film.

In March, a photo circulated online showing the two sat next to each other alongside the cast of Wicked.

Also according to TMZ, Ariana is yet to file for divorce from Dalton but the relationship ended in January.

Ethan is best known for his Tony Award nominated role in Spongebob the Musical, where he played the title character.

He was married to singer Lilly Jay since 2018 and the two welcomed a son last year, with sources saying he and Ariana did not start dating until his marriage ended.