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28th Jul 2019

Anton’s mum has received loads of endorsement offers from shaving brands

Olivia Hayes

No better woman.

He let it out on day one of Love Island that his mum shaves his bum. Not the most ideal thing to admit when you’re looking for love but we suppose it was going to come out sooner or later.

And it wasn’t even a slip of the tongue – he spoke about it in his intro video.

It now looks like Anton’s mum Sherie-Ann has now received loads of offers from shaving brands to endorse their products.

Sherie-Ann told The Irish Sunday Mirror: “I couldn’t believe all the people contacting me. For all these other propositions to come in is quite overwhelming.”

She went on to tell The Daily Record: “It’s something I do every couple of weeks and it’s no big deal in our house.

“At the end of the day, I used to change his nappies so shaving his bum is nothing. What’s the difference in that and taking a bit of hair away from his backside?”

We just wonder if Belle is going to take over from Sherie-Ann when they leave the Love Island villa?