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30th Dec 2022

Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri take major step in their relationship

“I didn’t know what to say”

Love Island couple Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri have taken a major step in their relationship.

The couple recently celebrated their first Christmas together and the Guernsey native gave Tasha the sweetest gift.

In her latest YouTube video, Tasha revealed Andrew Le Page gifted her a promise ring for Christmas.

And the former estate agent went all out.

He spent £265 on a stunning ring by Tiffany and Co.

Tasha showed off the ring in her latest vlog.

The dancer said, “Everybody is probably thinking this is an engagement box – Andrew got me a gorgeous promise ring and I love it so much.”

She continued, “When I opened it I was literally like…I didn’t know what to say, nobody has ever done that to me before and now I can wear that on my finger.

“I love something meaningful like that and something special that I can just wear all the time, it’s linked to Andrew, so that’s why I really love it.”

Tasha stressed that the pair are not engaged.

She told her followers, “But this means we’re not engaged. If you see me wearing it on my ring finger, it’s a promise ring.”

The couple recently spoke out about getting engaged after meeting on the 2022 series of Love Island.

During a Q&A Andrew revealed he would love to marry Tasha.

“Obviously, I don’t think we’re gonna break up. Like there’s not a doubt in my mind.

“I think we’ll get married one day, hopefully soon, but obviously not too soon.

“Listen, I’m pretty certain I’m gonna marry that girl. But God forbid, if we do [break up], absolutely not. I’m not worried.”