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01st Nov 2022

Andrew Le Page sparks feud rumours with Luca Bish after changing management agency

They might have beef.

Andrew Le Page has fueled rumours that he has beef with his Love Island co-star Luca Bish.

After leaving the villa this year, the two had been on the show since day one and made it to the final together with their girlfriends Tasha Ghouri and Gemma Owen, but now it seems they are feuding.

Andrew sparked the rumours after he quit Luca’s sister’s management company.

Luca’s sister Claudia Rosa Bish is the director of Influencer Overnight Limited, owning the company alongside Adam Minto and Thomas Allsworth.

Before owning this company, Claudia owned The Blogger Agent who Andrew had signed with when he left the villa in August.

But now it seems that Andrew has changed his Instagram bio, saying he is now represented by @84world_.

If you watched the show this year, you’ll recall Andrew and Luca clashing a little bit during their time in the villa after Luca and Dami accused Tasha of faking her feelings for Andrew and appeared to be ganging up on her.

The Suck and Blow challenge saw Luca say Tasha was the one islander he believed to be “riding someone’s coattails” and Dami claimed she was “walking over” Andrew.

While they did apologise to her on the show, many felt it was insincere but the two have been seen together since the final.

Speaking to Her after the show, Dami cleared up the rumours that he and Tasha were not friends, saying anything that went down on the show is all history.

He said: “I feel like, because it’s super edited, I could have been chilling with Tasha throughout the day, chatting about something else but then when we’re in a challenge, they ask us a question ‘who do you want to pie?’, I have my reasons but they don’t show the part when were bantering, it seems like it’s ongoing and constant.

“That’s why I genuinely don’t feel like I was bullying her, I know what it’s like to be bullied and to bully someone and it did get to a point where our opinions were too much, but me and Tasha are the best of friends and were in there as well. I was always able to be honest with her so that’s why I didn’t think the opinions were coming off too hard but it got to a point, I genuinely felt bad and that’s why I apologised.”