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19th Jul 2021

Amy Winehouse’s dad wants her to be remembered for her success, not “troubles”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

This year marks her 10th anniversary.

As it approaches her 10th anniversary, Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch is reminding us all just how great his daughter was.

Her devoted father wants anyone who knew Amy or was a fan to remember the late singer for all of her biggest accomplishments, and not for the troubles that followed her.

Speaking to The Sun, Mitch opened up about the hardship he and his family are facing as they mourn Amy for the tenth year, saying that there will tears “without a doubt”.

Saying that while every year is difficult for him, 10 years is different and it’s hard to avoid getting upset, despite how long passes

“But shortly afterwards, we will head somewhere for a meal and our focus will be on the amazing things about Amy’s life — her talent, her generosity and the love she showed us all,” Mitch said.

“That’s become my mission, to make sure people think of Amy for all she gave the world and those around her, not just for her troubles with addiction.”

Saying that while he loved the moments of her success that the world got to see and celebrate, it was the smaller moments just as father and daughter that really meant the most to him.

He also recalled a time just as fame really started to hit and Amy went number one across the world, the pair went out for a drink together in Soho, without any security, just them two.

Stopping to chat and say hello to everyone she knew, Mitch remembered just how down to earth she was.

“I watched how wonderful she was, how down to earth, even though she suddenly had all this attention. But it was about the last time we were able to do that,” he said.

Amy passed away on July 23rd 2011 after a long battle with alcohol and drugs.