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11th May 2022

Amber Gill says she had “biggest bust-up” ever with Greg O’Shea before Love Island finale

Katy Brennan

“It was a lot.”

Former Love Island contestant Amber Gill has opened up about having “the biggest bust-up you could imagine” with Greg O’Shea just before the show’s finale.

Chatting with YouTuber Murad Merali, she said she couldn’t even bare to be in the same room with the Irish rugby star after their fight.

“We didn’t want to know each other,” she said.

“I was like, ‘nah we’re not doing this, we’re done’. It was a lot. We ended up being separated and then we came back together because we did like each other at the time.”

Amber explained how they decided to put their differences aside for the rest of the show, so fans never suspected a thing.

“We were like, you know what, there’s two days left so let’s just get through it, it’ll be good.

“And then on the day of the final we thought ‘oh, we’ll probably come fourth, it’ll be good, what a good run we had’.

“Like he just came in and then we ended up in the top two and we were looking at each other like… whats going on?”

Amber and Greg were crowned the winers of Love Island season five, taking home a cash prize £50,000. Just five weeks later, the pair decided to split.

Last month, Greg revealed he was constantly trolled after winning the show, even receiving death threats.

“People started to turn on me when I didn’t stay in London and follow the Love Island path,” he told RSVP magazine. “People said I was full of sh*t, I was only after money and I was getting death threats.

“But the truth was that I went back to Ireland to earn less than minimum wage and to train. I am happy in myself and I still have all my friends and teammates. I also have an Olympic ring tattooed on my calf that I can look on fondly.”