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10th Dec 2021

Alison Hammond announces her plans to become Prime Minister

What a woman.

Alison Hammond is already a queen in our eyes, but her new plans might be the last thing we expected from her.

The presenter has announced that she plans to become the next Prime Minister of the UK and honestly we’re kind of here for it.

Knowing her, she could easily be joking, but the This Morning alum took to Twitter to update fans on her new job prospect.

She wrote: “So I’ve thought long and hard about this, I’ve decided to apply for Prime Minister! I feel I would do a grand Job. Thoughts???”

Of course, there were a lot of people backing her on this and giving Alison their full support.

One person said: “I fully support this leadership bid.”

Another wrote: “You’ve got my vote Alison, number 10 needs a massive ray of sunshine right now. Paint the door pink, lots of flowers outside.”

A third added: “I think you would be brilliant as prime minister.”

The people of Twitter got so involved in this that #AlisonforPM started trending, with one person saying alongside it: “I have said this all along! Alison Hammond, you’re a legend! #AlisonForPm get the hashtag trending!”

And another added: “Yes!! #AlisonforPM you’ve got my vote the world will be a much better and HAPPIER place.”

We think she could give Boris a run for his money, or at least if she gets it, we’d love to see her act it out in The Crown.