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19th Jun 2017

BIG news for Irish fans of Broadway sensation Hamilton

You don't want to miss this.

Niamh Maher

Everyone take a deep breath… The Capital B has the news theatre fans have been waiting for.

On this week’s episode of JOE’s business podcast, Nick Webb is slapping on a cheesy grin and finding out whether customers are actually always right.

Colin Coleman of Vodafone joins us in studio, to shed some light on keeping 1.7 million people happy on a daily basis (no pressure), Sean Bryan of Cut and Sew Barbers is getting real about his criminal past, and how wifi is a NO-GO for his barbershop business.

Stephen Faloon, General Manager of The Bord Gais Energy Theatre, joins us on the panel along with Garret Flower of Park PnP. Stephen explained how important it is to connect with customers.

“Well what we sell is our shows, we keep all our channels open, we provide a lot of information online through our Facebook and in turn we get a lot of queries in via email, we answer everything. That’s our oolicy we do not ignore anything. We deal with a half a million people a year, we could be seen as some faceless big business that doesn’t interact with people… so we always try to make that effort.”

Stephen also revealed exclusively to JOE that Hamilton and The Book of Mormon are no longer pipe dreams for The Bord Gais. Listen in at 36.15 to hear more…



1:13 – Panel Introduction


2:39 – Interview with Colin Coleman Head of Customer Operations with Vodafone


21:45 – Panel discuss the importance of customer service and how it can increase sales


28:01 – AIB Business Brainstorm with Sean Bryan of Cut and Sew Barbershop


43:01 – Wrap up


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