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03rd Mar 2017

Snuggles, play, and getting to go to the zoo again: 5 ways being an auntie is the BEST

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Brought to you by Tesco

While granted you’re still getting used to occasionally looking after your neighbour’s cat, there is no doubt that having a baby seems pretty special.

Enter being an auntie: aka the very best of both worlds. That and you’ll notice your own stock skyrocketing.

Because not only will you offer invaluable support to both parent and child, you’re also going to provide YEARS of babysitting services (well done, you).

And as an aside, whether it’s your cousin, neighbour, BFF, or actual sibling who’s recently given birth, you can legitimately assign yourself an ‘auntie’ tag in the aftermath.

Here, we give you five reasons why it’s just the BEST…

1) Everyone remembers their cool aunt

And now that cool aunt is… you! Buying sneaky ice-creams, bringing them on shopping trips, and being a trusted confidante – you have oh-so important roles to fulfil.

2) All the love, none of the sleepless nights

You delight in a day out with your borrowed small one, because having quality one-on-one time with a niece or nephew is invaluable. That and they still get passed back to their parents at the end of the day. Which means a good night’s sleep for you no matter what. Hurrah!

3) You know the stuff a new mum actually wants

Arriving at the door with bars of chocolate and mascara is always going to be appreciated. You bring practical items for baba too – because you know that’s the stuff she needs. Cotton wool, nappies, and vests. And if you’re after brilliant-value baby items, this weekend Tesco has three-for-€30 mix-and-match on Pampers Baby Dry jumbo nappies.

4) You learn a new type of love

OK, they’re not yours… but they’re pretty close. Your heart swelled when you met them for the first time – and it has continued to grow with emotion ever since. Bad day? Getting a ‘I love my auntie’ hug and kiss makes everything an awful lot better.

5) You get to be a kid again

Revisiting all your old childhood favourites – the zoo, a playground, a day getting messy with paint and glue and glitter – is a real treat. Yup, with a niece or nephew, you can legitimately be a big kid. Hurrah!

Brought to you by Tesco