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17th Mar 2017

YEEESSSSS! This amazing Lego tape allows you to put Lego on ANYTHING

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Some of our childhood toys are greatly missed: Care Bears, tamagotchis, and DEFINITELY Lego.

Still, if you want to bring out your inner child sometime soon – then the celebrated emergence of LEGO TAPE oughta do just that.

Although it’s not (or at least not yet) an officially-branded product, the tape has bumps on one side and sticky adhesive on the other – making pretty much any surface Lego-compatible.

Apparently the product is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo by the makers, Nimuno. Their initial aim was to come up with $8,000 to support their project – but incredibly their backing now amounts to more than $1m. Phew!

Amazingly, you can also order a couple of rolls for around a tenner ($11) – and here at Her, we’re envisioning our entire home being delightfully taken over by Lego tape.