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23rd Sep 2022

Smyths issues warning to parents ahead of Christmas

Kat O'Connor


Christmas will be here before we know it.

Smyths has issued a warning to parents about their Christmas stock.

Shoppers have been advised to start their Christmas shopping earlier than usual, if possible. This is because Smyths is unsure how long stock will last.

A spokesperson for the toy store explained that it is hard to guess how long stock will last so it is best to be prepared.

A source told The Irish Mirror, “We expect to be in good stock for the entire Christmas season but it’s difficult to assess the demand for every individual toy.”

“For that reason, It is always a good idea to avoid disappointment and shop early,” they added.

Not only have parents been told to start their shopping early, but they’re also being warned to expect to pay more for toys.

Inflation is affecting toy stores too with many popular toys soaring in price.

Many parents have noticed an extreme price hike in toy stores which is taking away from the magic of Christmas.

One mum told HerFamily that they’ll rely on charity shops this year.

“I’ll go around the charity shops getting toys if I have to.

“I want to make Christmas for my 4 boys. I’ve never done that before but I’ll source them somehow.”

“It’s the excitement and build-up, watching family movies.

“I am worried but hopefully, we will make the most of it.