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01st Mar 2024

What is skin pilling and how can we stop it from happening?

Kat O'Connor

Skin pilling is one of the most irritating things that happens

Have you ever noticed some skincare products simply don’t want to cooperate when you’re in the middle of your daily routine?

Sometimes we’ll be applying serum or a moisturiser and the product fails to sink into your skin. Instead, it gathers in tiny particles and leaves your skin looking less glow-y and more flakey than you’d hoped.

Skin pilling is very common, but it’s also something you can prevent.

According to dermatologist Dr. Derrick Phillips, skin pilling happens when the products don’t absorb properly.

He told “Skin pilling is when a product – such as a moisturiser or serum – doesn’t soak into your skin but instead, collects on the surface as tiny particles that stubbornly hang around or transfer onto your fingertips.”

“If you apply a product on your skin and notice that it sits there for longer than usual, this can be a clear sign. As well as lack of absorption, the product will form a gunky consistency that rolls on your skin’s surface.”

Why does skin piling happen?

One of the main causes of skin pilling is using way too much product. Another mistake many people are making during their skincare routine is not leaving enough time between each step. You need to give the products time to sink in rather than layering them on top of one another instantly.

How can I avoid it?

Beauty influencer, Bambi Does Beauty has revealed her top tips for avoiding skin pilling and I will certainly be following these tips in the future.

One of the best things to do is avoid using more than one silicone product in your routine.

Bambi also advised her followers against using too many skincare products if they’re planning on applying heavy makeup.

You can watch Bambi’s full advice video below:

There’s no doubt we’ll all have glowing skin in no time.