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01st Apr 2019

The Nokia 7.1: Improve your digital health with the latest Google innovations


This advertorial is brought to you by Nokia 7.1

More than ever, we’re conscious of the amount of time we spend on our phones.

So, we’re thinking it would be rather nice to find a way in which we can put power back into our hands, allowing us to use our phone efficiently whilst not taking up all our precious time. Thankfully, Nokia is on a mission to help make our user experience better than ever.

The Nokia 7.1’s stunning, compact design and premium quality build is the latest to join Nokia’s Android One smartphone line up.

In addition to its Pureview technology for taking video to another level, the Nokia 7.1 features the latest AI-powered digital wellbeing innovations developed by Google.

Googles latest innovation includes a Wellbeing Dashboard, an App timer and a Wind Down function empowering users to take their first step towards digital wellbeing and understanding more about how they interact with technology.

The Wellbeing dashboard allows users to get a daily view of the time spent on their phone, how frequently they use different apps, and how many notifications they get.

If users are not happy with their results, they can use the App Timer to set limits on how much time they spend on that app each day. The App Timer will nudge users when they are close to their limit, then it will grey out the app icon to help remind them of their goal.

Wind Down Mode turns on the phone’s Night Light when it gets dark and then switches on Do Not Disturb while fading the screen to greyscale at your chosen bedtime. Great for helping you remember to get to sleep at the time you want.

There you have it ladies. Here’s to a better night’s sleep!

The Nokia 7.1 comes in Gloss Midnight Blue and is available now from Vodafone, Three, Powercity and Carphone Warehouse for €279 and it’s free on billpay.

This advertorial is brought to you by Nokia 7.1