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30th May 2019

This Rockshore video has us wanting to call our mates for some good aul pub banter

Anna Daly

Brought to you by LVA and Rockshore. 

There’s nothing better than Dublin in the summer.

It’s bursting with life, activity, and fun. When the sun is shining, there’s really no better place to be.

This video, made by Rockshore, really shows the hustle and bustle that is Dublin city during the summer months. People are off work and college, and there are tourists pouring in, eager to experience all things Irish in the city. It’s a place of connecting – with old friends and with new. And what better place is there to connect than the good old Irish pub?

No matter where your top spot in the city is, whether it’s relaxing by the Liffey, sitting beside the fountains in Stephen’s Green, or wandering around Temple Bar, there’s always a pub nearby to pop into when the whether gets a bit colder, if it starts to rain, or if you just feel like a nice summer pint. After all, Ireland is famous for its pubs and Dublin boasts some of the best pubs in the country.

Rockshore’s video shows that Dublin pubs aren’t just about having a drink. Each pub has a character of its own. If you’re looking for the classic dark and homey pub, you can find that, if you want a pub with a good outdoor area, you needn’t look for long, or if you want a pub with its own quirky style, just ask around. Or maybe you want a place that can give you a great meal along with your drink? Sure you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Pubs have grown and developed over the years. They are just as much a part of the Dublin community today as they were years ago, but now they offer so much more. They are full of fun – the place you head to on a hot summer day, or where the crowd gathers during a match, or a place to hear some terrific local music. They are the places to fall into deep conversations about life and the world (or, you know, debates on how to pronounce the word tomato).

Rockshore depicts it all perfectly and has us wanting to get the gang together and pop into our own favourite pub for a pint or two. Lucky for us, the summer is long so we’ll be able to get our wish plenty of times over.

So, pints anyone?

Brought to you by LVA and Rockshore.