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29th Apr 2022

Irish artist Sean Atmos and H&M are bringing fashion and art together in Dublin

Brought to you by H&M.

Art is synonymous with fashion.

Both boast stunning visuals, both enjoy infinite variety, both are subjective, and both can be enjoyed by anyone.

Dublin has seen an explosion of young artists over the past few years, many of whom are dedicated to making work that collaborates with fashion, creating pieces that are extremely striking, visually arresting, and entirely new. As well as this, many artists are showcasing work in the community, for the community, allowing people to enjoy their artistry in less traditional spaces like the outdoors.

One of them is Sean Atmos, one of Dublin’s most prolific artists. You may have seen his designs anywhere from the streets of Portobello to the corridors of local businesses.

The Dublin based multidisciplinary artist began his work in the creative scene back in 2006 in graffiti, and has since developed an incredible portfolio of work ranging from large city murals to smaller indoor panels to individual paintings.


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Sean’s art uses typography as a means of communication, encouraging viewers to decode the graphics and create their own meaning.

Overlapping geometric shapes, abstract overlays, and striking bright colours aren’t just intriguing to look at, they’re also a means of engaging the audience, forcing them to think about what they’re seeing and incite their own meaning from the work.

Sean says he hopes his work has had a positive impact on the wider community. “Art has helped me through really tough days, and it has made good days better,” he says.

“I find sometimes when I’m walking around things can be quite static, we inevitably get quite caught up in everyday tasks and thoughts and I feel artwork plays an important role in breaking that cycle.

“I’d like to think my work creates a moment of pause for people as they decode the typographic elements of the piece, and It’s important to pause.”

While currently focused on developing concepts and collections to be shown in Ireland and around the world, Sean has already amassed a serious following at home. His murals have appeared on the streets of Ranelagh, Portobello, Temple Bar, Grand Canal, and more.

He was also the first artist to be featured as part of Atelier Maser Gallery’s Artist in Residence programme, a new project giving emerging local visual artists the chance to develop their ideas and eventually bring them to life.

The artist’s work is truly a staple of the Dublin’s landscape – and now it’s going to feature as part of a new collaboration with H&M to celebrate the launch of their new Digital Membership Programme in Ireland. The fashion retailer is giving local artists a chance to platform their incredible work and showcase their talents to the wider community.

H&M has already been deeply ingrained in Dublin for years, ever since the opening of their first store in 2005 in Dundrum Town Centre. Since then, the brand has opened many more stores across the city, ensuring its iconic red lettering remains a staple of the Dublin high street.

Sean says he wanted to collaborate with H&M because “it’s not often you go shopping and stumble upon an art installation and I think thats a particularly interesting part of this project. The opportunity to collaborate with a brand like H&M and do something new in Dublin is exciting.”

But it isn’t just local artists who are reaping the benefits of H&M’s prevalence in the community. Launching on Thursday May 12, members will be able to avail of a whole host of benefits both in-store and online, including free delivery, exclusive offers, event invitations, and sponsorship deals.

The Membership Programme also rewards users for making more sustainable choices, with benefits also given to members who bring in old clothes for H&M’s garment collections, bring their own bag while shopping, and purchasing clothes made with more sustainable materials.

Learn more about H&M’s Membership Programme at or at any H&M store. Customers who join today will enjoy a welcome offer on their first purchase and free delivery when they spend €20.

Brought to you by H&M.