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03rd Feb 2013

Midweek Life Saver – Have You Tried These Dry Shampoos?

If you're getting fed up of your trusty Batiste and want to try something new, we recommend one of these instead

Our love for dry shampoo knows no bounds.

In reality most of us are too lazy to wash our hair every morning and with wooly hats, rain and gale force winds to contend with, keeping your off-day hair looking any way acceptable is no mean feat.

But, never fear, there’s not much your trusty dry shampoo can’t do so we’ve picked out three of our faves that you might have over-looked before. 

They are a little on the expensive side but anything that gives us an extra 20 minutes in bed every second morning is worth its weight in gold! 

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume dry shampoo, €7.49

Above all this smells really clean, like freshly washed hair instead of sickly sweet perfume that you’d never dream of using to scent your body. It gives great volume… just like it says on the tin and lasts all day long. A real winner. 

Klorane gentle dry shampoo with oat milk, €10

The French do so many things so well – food, fashion and eh dry shampoo to name but a few. This little gem gives limp locks a much needed boost, smells lovely and clean in a fresh cut grass kind of way so is perfect if you’ve pressed snooze a couple of times more than you should have.

L’Oreal Tecni Art Fresh Dust dry shampoo, €11.85

This is the first dry shampoo from the Tecni Art styling range and it’s a great first attempt! Perfect for reviving greasy hair, its lightweight formula works particularly well on fine hair so no messy white clumps at your roots.