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04th Sep 2019

Ease into autumn – here are our top 5 destinations to visit when the leaves start falling

Anna Daly


Brought to you by Shannon Airport

That’s it, folks.

Summer is officially over. But that’s okay – one of the best things about being an adult is that you don’t have to fit your holidays into the school schedule. Which means going on holiday at our preferred time of the year – autumn. The weather is still warm a lot of the time, the summer tourist crowds are gone, and flights are often a whole lot cheaper (hurrah!).

Having a holiday should be the relaxing break that you want it to be right from the get-go, so make sure to choose the right airport. Shannon Airport takes away all the stress of flying with its parking right outside the front door (SO handy) and the size also means that you don’t have ages to travel to your gate.

If you’re not quite sure which destination to set your sights on, here are our top five favourite spots to visit during the autumn months. You can visit all of these destinations direct from Shannon Airport to start off your holiday stress-free (with US preclearance for those of you heading across the Atlantic).

1 .New York

Is there any better place in autumn? (Or fall for any homegrown Americans here!) The weather is still great but the humidity has died down – our hair really thanks us for that. If you want to see a few shows on Broadway, there will be a lot more ticket availability once those summer tourists have disappeared. Also, Broadway season starts in September so it’s a perfect time to visit if you want to see some new shows. If you have time, make sure to take a trip to upstate New York when the trees start to change colour. Stunning.

2. London

You can never really go wrong with London for a quick escape. The city is busy year-round but in the summer it really is crowd-central. If you’ve ever visited London during the summer, you’ll appreciate how much quieter it is when the tourists go home and the locals head back to work. There’s also no better place to break out your fashionable autumn clothes for the first time.

3. Lanzarote

This one is for when you’re not quite ready to let the summer go, which is 100 percent fair enough tbh. Some of us have to work all summer so we really do need that summer break, even if the timing is a little out of whack. When the weather starts to get chilly in Ireland (well, even chillier than normal), pack your swimsuit and sunglasses and warm up in Lanzarote. Most of the Canary islands start to cool a bit around October but the two eastern islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura stay warm all year round.

4. Boston

We LOVE Boston. It’s got city vibes without the claustrophobic feeling you can get in the big metropolises. The weather in Boston stays lovely and sunny in autumn, with perfect sweater weather towards the latter half of the season. Massachusetts is THE place to go to experience the stunning autumn colours when the trees change so make sure you fit in a little visit outside the city too. Speaking of visits outside the city, Boston is only a half-hour train journey from the famous town of Salem, which is a must-visit if you’re heading over in October. That is the real Halloweentown right there.

5. Barcelona

Finally, a time to experience the stunning Gaudí architecture without waiting in line for five years. The weather is still beautifully warm and the sun is shining so you can fully enjoy the colours of the city in all their beauty (especially at Park Güell – head there!). On a sunny day, make sure to take a trip to Tibidabo amusement park up in the hills where you get the thrill of the rides while enjoying a stunning view of the city down below.

Find flights to your dream autumn destination over on the Shannon Airport website. Go on, treat yourself to a holiday. You deserve it.

Brought to you by Shannon Airport

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