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21st Sep 2017

This one thing about Apple’s new iOS update is annoying people

*eye roll emoji*

Jade Hayden

control centre

There’s always something…

Earlier this week, Apple launched their eagerly-anticipated iOS 11 update… which was great news because it meant that those of us who could not afford an iPhone 8 or iPhone X (so, a lot of people, basically) could go ahead and update our iPhones to the latest operating system anyway.


People have been sharing their experiences of iOS 11 since it dropped and to be honest, it looks fairly slick.

You can now record your screen’s activity and the control centre is all different and cool and stuff.

Sounds decent, right?

Well, apparently the control centre isn’t all that great because you can’t actually switch off your WiFi and Bluetooth using it.

Which is a big deal when you consider things like conserving battery life, protecting yourself from unwanted document transfers and cyber attacks and, oh yeah, conserving battery life.

Although WiFi and Bluetooth can be switched off via the phone’s settings, this just doesn’t really seem all that practical to us.

If the option is there in the control centre, surely it makes sense to just allow users to switch it off there.

According to Apple, it does not. They have stated that:

“In iOS 11 and later, when you toggle the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth buttons in Control Center, your device will immediately disconnect from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessories. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to be available, so you can use these important features:

  • AirDrop

  • AirPlay

  • Apple Pencil

  • Apple Watch

  • Continuity features, like Handoff and Instant Hotspot

  • Instant Hotspot

  • Location Services”

Cool, guys.

Not irritating at all.