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16th Sep 2016

This how to make your smartphone battery last longer

It's worth a try anyway.

Laura Holland

It’s worth a try anyway.

When it comes to smartphones I think we can all agree their batteries are shocking. You’d be lucky to get through a whole day without needing to charge it or at least put it on low battery mode.

There are some techniques you can use throughout the day to maintain the battery power such as closing any apps you aren’t using and not letting background features like GPS to constantly run.

That being said, normal daily use will still drain the battery, especially if you use the social media apps.

But now, scientists from American Chemical Society have come up with a list to tips for how to prolong the life of the battery and some go against what we’ve previously thought.

The first point is to keep your phone at a normal temperature, never allowing it to get too hot or too cold. This can seriously damage your phone and ultimately impacts its performance, including battery life.

The next is to never let your device drain completely because they say it can reduce the capacity of the battery over time. To avoid letting your phone die before you get to a charger just turn it off for the 30 minutes or so before you get to plug it in.

The last point is to never turn your phone off for prolonged periods unless it has more than 50% battery power left.

Here is their full video to explain: