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26th Nov 2016

There’s a harsh new dating app on the market

We're really not sure how to feel about this.

Sick of Tinder?

There’s a new dating app in town which promises to be more fun and something entirely different.

If by different they mean brutal with violent connotations they are correct.

The app is called FMK, which is short for F*ck, Marry, Kill. And it is exactly as it sounds. Users of the app are presented with three potential dates at a time and they have to chose which one they would have sex with, which one they would wed and which one they would murder. Charming.

In their own words the company say:

”Dating apps aren’t fun enough. Imagine every time you met three people, you’d have to choose which of them you’d f*ck, marry or kill. Guess what? Now you can do that in a fun way. By yourself or with your friends.”

They go on to explain each of the choices and what they essentially mean.

”F*CK: The one suited for a one night stand but that only would introduce to your parents if you want to piss them off.

MARRY: This one’s good for the long term. Cute and all, and seems like a nice person.

KILL: Not even if you were the only two survivors of a zombie apocalypse. In fact, you would rather f*ck or marry a zombie.”

They even included a nifty video explaining the concept.

According to Memo, the app already has over 6,000 users and 90% of those users apparently use it daily.

You must be over 18 and can join with your Facebook details, and add two very important rules.

”Don’t be a creep/asshole (seriously, you’ll get banned for life).

Keep in mind that the killing is figurative.”

Well that’s a relief…