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04th Jul 2018

A smartphone with NINE cameras has been invented to suit all our selfie needs

Jade Hayden

The technology we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

Being an avid selfie taker means a lot of things.

The first is that you know your angles to death. The second is that you will follow good lighting to the very ends of the earth.

And that’s it really, there isn’t actually a whole lot else to say about it except the fact that the perfect selfie could only ever be made more perfect by the inclusion of about eight more cameras.

Yeah, that’d do it.

If that sounds like your deal then get ready to be extremely delighted with yourself because a smartphone with nine cameras will exist soon and you are going to look absolutely flawless.

The phone was created by a company named Light, who are known for making cameras but are now switching their attention to phones to bring you the most intense photo experience of your life.

The Washington Post reports that using the nine cameras at the same time can create high-resolution 64-megapixel shots which – if you don’t know anything about megapixels – is pretty good quality.

Light aren’t the only ones opting to introduce more than two cameras per device though.

Word on the street is that Apple and Samsung are looking to include three cameras on their phones some time in the future.

Stunning selfies for all.