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04th Oct 2017

Instagram just launched a new feature that will make all your decisions for you


Yesterday, Instagram launched a new feature and we are loving it.

Ever wonder should you buy the shoes or not? Stuck between two takeaways to get and can’t decide which one? Or are you in general a really indecisive person?

Well, your dreams have just been answered. Instagram has launched a polling feature for Instagram stories allowing you to ask your followers to make decisions for you. The new stickers allow you to ask one question with the option of two answers. Your followers can then click on your sticker to vote and you can keep updated on the tally as the poll gathers attraction.

Like a regular story, the poll will stay live for 24 hours and you can create as many as you want per day.

This is Instagram’s first interactive feature outside of messaging and we think it is going to become a firm favourite.

When you vote on your friends stories, you will automatically get to see the results even if the poll is ongoing. However, you are only allowed to cast one vote per poll, so remember to choose wisely.

Also included in the newest Instagram update are two new tools, a colour picker for text and brushes, and an alignment tool for text and stickers.

Photo credit: Instagram