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28th Jan 2018

Here’s everything you need to know about the viral trivia app HQ

Have you been playing?

Keeley Ryan

Who doesn’t love a bit of trivia?

Whether it’s on the TV or at a pub quiz, there’s nothing quite like putting your general (and sometimes obscure) knowledge to the test.

Enter HQ Trivia, one of the hottest apps of 2017 – and it’s just getting more popular.

The mobile trivia game, which is from the creators of Vine, enables players to win real money. All they have to do is answer 12 questions.

The worldwide games take place at 3pm and 9pm New York time (so 8pm and 2am Irish time), where host Scott Rogowsky presents the 15 minute quiz competition.

Viewers who answer correctly (by simply touching the right answer on their screens) make it to the next question, which grows more and more obscure as the game goes on.

And any players who are still standing at the end of question 12 will divide up whatever is in the prize pot.

The jackpots range from the nightly prize of $2,000 to as much as $18,000 on New Year’s Eve (and there’s usually around 500,000 people competing for it).

In exciting news for players abroad, there’s been a new version of the app that recently launched.

The UK version runs every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm and 9pm via the main app.

According to The Next Web, the prize pot for the first ever UK HQ was $500 – and a significantly smaller player pool, with around 5,000 players.

But given the popularity of the worldwide edition, it’s unlikely to stay that way for too long.

The game was presented by BET’s Sharon Carpenter, who previously subbed in for Scott before becoming an HQ regular over the holiday season.

There was just a slight downfall, though: nobody actually ended up winning the prize.

Though there were 20 people who made it to the penultimate question, nobody ended up picking the right answer.

And with the 9pm game having reportedly crashed, the prize is currently – still – up for grabs.

The HQ app is available to download via iOS and recently debuted in beta form for Android.