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29th Jun 2019

Bumble is about to make dating apps more personal than ever before

Carl Kinsella

This is taking dating apps to the next level.

Bumble’s original unique selling point was that it would only allow the woman to message first, and she only had 24 hours to do so. Similarly, once that first message is sent, the recipient only has 24 hours to reply.

This was supposed to be a more mature alternative to the free-for-all messaging style of Tinder.

Bumble has continued to flesh out its online dating service, allowing users to add questions and personal details, including their religion and their star sign.

Now the app, which has been around since 2014, is allowing users to call each other in app – without even swapping phone numbers. Somewhat thankfully, the feature is double opt-in, meaning that nobody will be able to call you unless you have the call feature enabled.

CEO of MagicLab, the parent company of Bumble, Andrey Andreev says the new feature is aimed at “giving users a more real life interaction, and saving them time by getting a deeper understanding of who they’ve matched with before they decide to meet in person or share valuable contact information.”

The feature will also allow for video calls, which means users can verify more about who they are talking to without having to give over any personal information in exchange.