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25th Sep 2017

What Boomerang? This new app will be ALL over your Instagram feeds

It turns your pictures SPARKLY

Olivia Hayes

We’ll admit, we love a good Boomerang.

Those moving pictures just get us on nights out, and everything is made a little bit better with a little Boomerang jiggle.

But a new app is on the rise and it might just become more popular than our fun-loving, moving pictures.

Say hello to Kira Kira, an app that makes our images SPARKLE.

The app took Instagram by storm on Fashion Week, with bloggers and celebs alike using it in New York, London and Paris.

Just look at that shine!

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One thing we’re not too happy about however, is that it’ll cost you to use it.

It’s only €1, so it won’t break the bank…. and if you want your Instagram to sparkle all over, it’s the only way to go.