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25th Oct 2016

Apple are looking to kill off ANOTHER important feature of your Macbook


Matt Tate

You thought they’d stop at the headphone jack (RIP), didn’t you?

It’s hardly been a month since Apple pissed the world off by ditching a perfectly functional (not to mention frequently used) hardware feature from the iPhone 7, and now they’re reportedly coming for another: the USB port.

This Thursday (October 27) the world’s most valuable company are expected to unveil their latest Macbook models: likely a 13 inch Macbook, a 13 inch Macbook Pro and a 15 inch Macbook Pro.

And according to industry analysts KGI, the new laptops will do away with USB ports. You know, that thing you use to charge stuff, connect stuff, store stuff, transfer stuff – gone. Bye Bye.


It’s predicted that that the trusty old USB would be replaced with a USB-C port, which house thinner connections than can be plugged in either way around.

Apple used this port, and only this port, in last year’s ultra-thin Macbook. The device reviewed well overall, but because so many people still rely on traditional USB they were forced into buying an adapter.

We get that technology is moving forward, but you can’t help feeling that Apple are making things more annoyingly complicated than they need to.

It’s also been widely reported for a while now that the new Macbook range will lose the Megsafe ports (where you plug the charger), and they’ll gain a Thunderbolt 3 connecter.

All will be revealed on Thursday.