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20th Mar 2019

‘I know what my worth is, I know what my goals are’ – Lorna Weightman gives the BEST advice on career and friendship


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The digital stylist and online creator who boasts over 21k followers, has gained incredible experience when it comes to career and friendships.

So much so, it’s entirely worth sharing.

Donning some exclusive pieces from the SS19 #FollowYourSun Swarovski campaign, Lorna Weightman told us about her years of study that included a degree in Business and Economics and becoming a Chartered Accountant.

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Although “every second” of studying was worthwhile her creative mind couldn’t wait to get to work and produce something bigger.

“I did a whole lot of research and found that blogging was this whole new platform that maybe I could do something with and at the time in Ireland, there wasn’t anybody doing that.

“WordPress didn’t even exist at the time, so I had to teach myself code to do it.”

Deciding she wanted to work in fashion, Lorna admits she might have taken the “long route” in getting where she wanted to be, but evidently, it worked out well! She insists though, she wouldn’t be where she is without the support she has had  emanating from her close female ties.

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“My mum is a massive figure head in my life.

“I lean on her for support, for advice all the time. I feel like I can ask her anything. I know she’ll always be honest with me because she wants me to get the best out of me.

“I think professionally I’m surrounded by some of the most amazing people. The creative community in Ireland is a very tight-knit community and I look up to so many people.”

She refers to her friends as “invaluable” and as her “wonder women,” saying “I love them as much as I love drinking tea.” (Now if that’s not true love…!)

“I think it’s so important and necessary for women to support each other in this industry. We’re constantly fighting issues, but I think in this day and age we’re speaking a much much stronger rhetoric.

“We support each other, we drive each other, we align ourselves in terms of our own values yet we test each other with our own opinions and I think it’s this kind of contrast that allows us to empower each other every day, whether it’s something in work or in our personal lives.

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“When we’re pitted against each other as women, it comes from a bad place and it’s almost encouraging us to battle against each other.

“That is not what we’re about, I don’t even think that’s in our makeup. I know myself all I want to do is support the women around me, even those people I don’t know but represent really strong economic and political values that I believe in, and that I want to get behind.

“So, if anyone wants to try and pit us against each other, good luck with that.”

Lorna says past experiences have made her slow her work/life balance to a pace that she is comfortable with even doing what she calls a “little sense check” allowing her to bring back a sense of calm so she can be most effective in what she does.

She also keeps on the right track by being honest and authentic in what she does.

“I’m 36-years-old, I know what my worth is, I know what my goals are and I stick to those.

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“I keep to a very narrow, steady path. I make sure my own goals are a priority and not everyone else’s goals, because that’s for them, this is for me.

Her advice for those wanting to break int the blogging sphere proves true for just about any path.

“Firstly find your passion. It can be anything, it can be food, it can be interiors, it can be airplanes, anything.

“What [followers] want is an authentic voice, for somebody who loves something so much, they speak so freely, so honestly, so acutely about what they do and I feel like I do that with fashion and with beauty.

“…just choose the path that you feel represents who you are, and that represents your opinions.”

Brought to you by Swarovski.